Mobile Phone Disinfecting During Coronavirus

Mobile Phone Disinfecting
Mobile Phone Disinfecting

Mobile Phone Disinfecting During Coronavirus

Here are phone cleaning against viruses:

First,unplug your phone, turn it off and remove the phone case to disinfecting mobile phone.
All major phone brands warn not to use chemical liquids, gels and abrasive wet rags. The reason for this is the possibility of damaging the protective layer of the screen.
Wet the microfiber cloth with water and household soap.
Gently wipe the phone’s surface with this damp cloth.
Make sure that no water gets into the phone from the inlets and outlets. Because even water-resistant phones can lose their protection feature over time.
Finally, dry your phone with a clean microfiber cloth.
Using only water and soap can effectively remove bacteria and viruses from your phone.

Nevertheless, remember that as you touch your phone, you will infect it. So be sure to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

Samsung Has A Suggestion

So how should you clean your phone? According to Samsung’s disinfecting recommendations, first turn off your phone, and remove them and accessories if you use a case. Wipe the outside of the phone with a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth. Samsung does not favor the application of liquid cleaning solutions, as it can damage the device, especially the oleophobic coating that helps protect the screen from fingerprint stains. Liquids and water can enter through open spaces, especially on devices that don’t have an IP rating like the Galaxy Z Flip, so you can damage your phone. To disinfect the phone, moisten the corner of your cleaning cloth with a small amount of distilled water or disinfectant.

You can use a hypochloric acid-based (50-80ppm) or alcohol-based (formulated with more than 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol) product and gently wipe the front and back of your phone without much pressure. Avoid excessively wiping the device. Samsung also warns against the use of compressed air or spray bleaches or liquid solutions directly on the phone. In the meantime, let’s say that these cleaning instructions apply to glass, ceramic and metal surfaces, not soft accessories made of materials such as plastic, rubber or leather.

The Best Solution for Mobile Phone Disinfecting

To avoid having to clean your phone frequently, the best solution would be not to use it outside as much as possible. Keep your phone close to you and if possible do not put it anywhere, do not give it to anyone. These measures may bother you for a while until the world defeats Corona, but you will not endanger the health of both your loved ones and yourself.

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