Coronavirus Tips Do the Five

Coronavirus Tips Do the Five
Coronavirus Tips Do the Five

Coronavirus Tips Do the Five

The transmission of COVID-19 virus from person to person is usually possible by the contact of a healthy person with the body secretions of a sick person. The virus can transmit by coughing, sneezing, and droplets emitted from people with the disease, and from the surfaces that the patients come in contact with by eye, mouth, nasal mucosa and handshake. The high risk group is those over 60 years old and have a weak immune system. We will explaing Coronavirus Tips Do the Five.

Due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus at the global level, the most important and basic protection method for public health is the individuals’ paying maximum attention to the general hygiene rules.

Here 5 Basic Tips to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

1- Maximum attention should pay to hand hygiene. Hands should  wash with water and soap for at least 20 seconds at frequent intervals. If washing is not possible, alcohol-based hand antiseptic or alcohol-based cologne must use.

 2- When coughing and sneezing, disposable wipes should  prefer. In cases where paper wipes not available, the elbow should use.

3-Stay as far away as possible in crowded environments such as shopping malls, public transportation. Eating should be healthy and the immune system should be keep strong by taking care to get enough sleep.

 4- If possible, patients should not go to crowded places. If they have to go, closing the mouth and nose, if possible, a medical mask should be used.

 5-When symptoms such as high fever, dry cough, muscle and joint pain, and breathing difficulties begin, apply to the nearest health institution without wasting time and wearing a mask. “

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