Coronavirus: Moisturizing Hands After Sanitizing

Moisturizing Hands
Moisturizing Hands

Coronavirus: Moisturizing Hands After Sanitizing

Due to the coronavirus infection in recent days, especially hand and body disinfection and moisturizing hands have become important. Washing our hands with soap or disinfectant frequently for at least 20 seconds is very important in the fight against the virus. But when we wash our hands frequently, soap detergents and disinfectants disrupt the protective barrier layer of our hands. In this case, our hands begin to dry. In the later stages, redness, cracks and rashes occur. The way to prevent this will be to moisten it with an oil-based moisturizer after washing our hands. We can apply our moisturizer extensively before going to bed to wear our transparent gloves

Those who have sensitive skin should clean their hands with a sensitive skin cleaner without detergent instead of soap. Also, people with sensitive skin should use moisturizers for intense atopic skin. These people should not use disinfectant unless they are in a difficult position. In eczema developing on the hands due to frequent washing on the body and the use of detergent disinfectant, cracks occur in the following periods. If the cracks become more advanced and deeper, infection can easily enter from these areas. Therefore, people with eczema should consult a dermatologist and receive treatment.

Use Organic Soaps

When washing hands, cleaning products that do not dry and irritate the skin should be used. Then, moisturizers that create barrier on the skin should be applied. Traditional white bar soap containing moisturizers such as glycerin and olive oil can be used for hand washing.

In addition, we should use the bleach, which we use in house cleaning, with gloves without putting the detergent in direct contact with our hands. Using detergents by diluting bleach more than its pure form during cleaning protects our skin and body against allergic reactions.

We have researched the top moisturizing and effective moisturizing hands products that will be absorbed instantly without leaving residue on your skin and will prevent the feeling like oily, slippery or layered.

Top Moisturizing Hands Products

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