Clean Zone Cpap Cleaner

Clean Zone Cpap Cleaner
Clean Zone Cpap Cleaner

Clean Zone Cpap Cleaner

Cleaning the CPAP Device that you use regularly, which is of great importance in your life, is a necessary activity.

It is important that you keep it clean to get the health benefits provided by the CPAP device. Routine CPAP device cleaning is essential to ensure efficient operation and long-term reliability.

What is Clean Zone Cpap Cleaner

Clean Zone CPAP Cleaner automatically cleans, sterilizes and eliminates 99% of germs and bacteria from your CPAP reservoir, tube and mask. No water, no chemicals, no worries! It produces active oxygen that reaches every surface of your machine. You will breathe in clean, healthy air and sleep peacefully. One-touch control with a 35-minute cycle. Press once does the rest. Lightweight, compact and portable for use anywhere – perfect for travel. It is compatible with almost all CPAP machines. Rechargeable battery with 38 “charging cable. Comes with carrying bag. Zippered sealing bag holds mask, hose and water chamber. 62 Clean Wipes Package can be used to remove residues from the mask and equipment.

What is the Portable Cpap Cleaner Alternatives?

Best Practices for Cleaning the CPAP Device at Home

Disconnect device first. Electrical devices that you plan to clean with water should be unplugged to avoid the possibility of electric shock. Remove the mask and remove the entire unit. Simply pull out all the hoses that pulled out and remember where everything went. If you have to draw a quick diagram to take a photo or remember it using your phone, this also works.

If your CPAP device has a humidifier, remove it and drain the water that remains in it. Most humidifiers are disassembled for easy cleaning. Wipe the outer surface of your CPAP device and start cleaning. This removes surface dirt, dust and minimizes the chance of contaminants entering the unit during the cleaning process.

Place it in a clean bowl / sink with warm (not boiling) water, add a small amount of baby shampoo and rub it gently with your hand. Soak the headband components, mask, connectors and all the hoses you have removed in this hot water bath for 30-45 minutes. After washing, rinse each piece, shake off excess water and put it on a towel or hang it on a drying rack until it dries. Never use solar and direct temperatures to dry the CPAP device components.

To help clean, wipe with a clean cloth moistened with soap and wipe the moisturizer. Always use distilled water, as it promotes healthy air in your CPAP humidifier.

Shake your CPAP device filter once a week or replace it if necessary (the CPAP device filter that has completed its life does not filter). You should pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendation when determining the replacement / cleaning interval (This period is usually 6 months).

CPAP cleaning is not difficult, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and it costs almost no cost.


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