Best DIY Coronavirus Sanitizer

Best DIY Coronavirus Sanitizer
Best DIY Coronavirus Sanitizer

Best DIY Coronavirus Sanitizer

Due to the increasing hand sanitizer prices, making a home disinfectant has become popular. So we have the chance to produce a much more economical, much safer hand sanitizer to meet our needs in our home with all these non-chemical, natural origin materials that have proven antibacterial and antiviral effects. Firstly aloe vera is a natural origin substance that can be used both for the health of the hands and to take advantage of its antiviral effect. Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, hand sanitizers have become a valuable product. We make our own hand sanitizer spray using only two ingredients. We can make this disinfectant spray with 99% alcohol and aloe vera. Apart from aloe vera, you can make a very comfortable and safe hand coronavirus sanitizer with a product that is supplemented with lavender oil, tea flower oil and clove oil with proven antiviral and antibacterial effects.

You can use this spray on door handles, telephones and any surfaces you want to sterilize.

Fill two-thirds of a bowl with alcohol and a third with aloe vera liquid.
Then pour it into a sprayer.
The process is ok.

Ethyl Alcohol

Aloe Vera

Lavender Oil 

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