n95 mask
n95 mask


After the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak spread from China to all over the world, sales of n95 masks increased. The n95 masks sold at exorbitant prices on their websites sell almost no. So what is a n95 mask? How to use the n95 mask? Is the n95 mask disposable? Does it protect from Corona Virus? Here’s the answer…

A statement came from the World Health Organization (WHO) about the Corona virus (Covid-19), which appeared in China about 2 months ago and has caused 3,024 deaths to date.

“Underlining that the epidemic is on a critical threshold and the window of opportunity to tackle the epidemic has narrowed, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, President of the World Health Organization (WHO),” The window of opportunity is shrinking. We need to act quickly before the window is completely closed. ” China did not request a mask from the World Health Organization.


The most important thing to stop the virus from spreading is that sick people wear masks. For people who do not get infected, using masks alone does not achieve 100 percent success. Other measures, such as hand washing, should also be applied. So far, there is no mutation in Corona Virus. It’s a very stable virus. ”

Speaking to the US-based science news site Live Science, Vanderbilt University Specialist Dr. William Schaffner said that ordinary surgical masks do not provide effective protection against coronavirus.

The type of mask that protects against the virus is a type known as N95. The mask takes its name from filtering at least 95 percent of small particles in the air. This is a mask that is thicker than surgical masks and not easy to use.

That is why Schaffner does not recommend the use of N95 masks by the public at this stage. For the N95 masks to be effective, they need to be checked after being worn and to make sure that there is no small gap between the mask and the face.

Schaffner states that wearing the mask in this way makes breathing difficult, that man has to make efforts even to exhale, the inside of the mask is moist and creates a claustrophobic feeling in general.

Such masks are used by doctors who deal with patients who are thought to have the virus.


The pore structure of N95 masks is in a certain standard range, this pore diameter starts to change with the use of the mask. As the mask catches dust over time, the pores are closed, and the diameter of some pores increases due to breathing. Likewise, washing with water or cleaners causes deformation of these pore diameters. Therefore, the duration of use of the n95 mask can vary depending on the way it is used. However, it is also recommended to change the mask daily.

Although N95 masks do not have a certain period of use, it is not recommended to use very long periods because they enter the disposable mask class. This period of use varies depending on the pollution status of the air, the speed of breathing and the weight of the person. Unless it is very unusual, it would be appropriate to replace the n95 mask daily.

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