Spring Street Cleaning Calgary

Street Cleaning Calgary
Street Cleaning Calgary

Spring Street Cleaning Calgary

The city of Calgary will begin to clean sand, gravel from its streets, starting Monday, with the start of annual street cleaning operations.

Street sweeping will start on April 20 and will continue until July. Street sweeping in residential buildings usually takes place from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday, while main roads are swept overnight to reduce the impact on traffic.

During the annual spring cleaning, the crews will clear the ruins of more than 16,000 kilometers of city streets.

If street sweeping is to be done in a residential community, Calgary City officials said people will create warning signs at least 24 hours in advance.

Officials said the street sweeping service has experienced some changes this year.

First, a change in times when vehicles need to leave the streets. McLeod said that as long as the sweepers pass, residents can move their vehicles back to the road before 16:00.

Also added that there would be a change in fines for not bringing your car in front of street sweepers.  Authorities said residents will have the opportunity to sweep the area and collect waste bags if they cannot move their vehicles on time.

Street Cleaning Calgary

The license plate numbers of the vehicles that were not moved in time will be kept on file and the authorities will return to these areas in July to collect the bagged waste.
If the area was not swept, McLeod said that the drivers would face the ticket due to incompatibility.

The penalty for leaving your car on the street when it is planned to be swept is $ 120, but if you pay in the first 10 days it will drop to $ 80.

Calgarians can visit Calgary.ca/sweep to learn when to sweep their streets and sign up to receive email and / or text message notifications 24 hours before their streets sweep.

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