Smoking Increase Risk of Coronavirus

Smoking Coronavirus
Smoking Coronavirus

Smoking Increase Risk of Coronavirus

As Coronavirus affects the airways, the best precaution is to quit smoking and electronic cigarettes.

Experts who state that cigarette smoke facilitates the attachment of viruses and bacteria that can cause infection to the lungs through the respiratory tract, explains “Great risk for the transfer of infectious diseases”.

Doctors warned smokers because of the coronavirus affecting the lives of thousands of people around the world. While tobacco and electronic cigarette cause many health problems such as lung cancer, respiratory diseases, individuals with these diseases are in the risky group for coronavirus.

Some Stop Smoking Aids To Help You Quit

We all know that tobacco products such as cigarettes and electronic cigarettes have negative effects on overall body health and the functions of all our organs. Tobacco smoke and smoke inhaled in electronic cigarettes suppress the immune system, disrupting its functions. Therefore, exposure to smoke causes acute and chronic diseases. In addition, the smoke blocks the cough reflex in the lung, making it easier for viruses and bacteria that can cause serious infections to cling to the airways and lungs. From developments, we see that the organ in which the coronavirus breaks down the body is known as the lungs. Therefore, stopping tobacco products and electronic cigarettes is one of the measures to be taken against the corona virus.

Passive smokers are also at risk of coronavirus!

It has been stated in academic studies that the frequency of the disease in China, where the disease is first seen and has a high number of cases, is concretely associated with a 14-fold increase in treatment delay, inactivation and mortality rates. ^Such a serious public health problem can have more severe consequences for both the user and passive smokers with tobacco use. It is necessary to stop the use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes with this risky period for the health of both active consumers and their loved ones.

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