Remdesivir: Covid-19 Cure or Not?


Remdesivir: Covid-19 Cure or Not?

The fact that Remdesivir, an experimental drug has the hope of treating the world against covid-19 disease shows that we are still at the beginning of the road in the prevention and treatment of this disease.

The drug called Remdesivir was produced with the aim of interfering with the proliferation of some viruses, including sars-cov-2, which is responsible for the current pandemic. On April 29, Anthony Fauci, director of the usa national institute of allergy and infectious diseases (Niaid), conducts a clinical trial of over 1000 patients. He explained that the people who were given Remdesivir improved on average in 11 days. When the anthoni Fauci made the said statement, there were also those who cautiously approached the issue from the world health circles and shared findings that contradict the statements of Fauci from other countries who tried the drug.


In fact, Fauci’s explanation cannot claim that Remdesivir offers a definitive treatment if we read the lines between the description. “Although a 31% improvement does not seem like a 100% knockout, this is a very important proof of concept. what has been proven is that a drug can block this virus. ” what is confessed is: “we have no better than Remdesivir, 31% higher recovery rate in patients using Remdesivir, compared to patients not using Remdesivir, indicates that we can beat the disease with another virus drug that will be improved by removing deficiencies even if not with Remdesivir.” (mentioned 31% recovery rate, claim of us study without placebo. 5% according to claim of china study)

Fauci said Remdesivir would be a standard treatment in the usa for covid-19 treatment. this explanation relieved me a bit. the world does not need to look for a guinea pig to investigate this still experimental drug. because the American people have become potential guinea pigs with the official statement of Fauci.

Gilead sciences from foster city, California, the manufacturer of this drug, made a statement the same day as Fauci’s. He explained that more than half of 400 patients with covid-19 with severe condition recovered from their illness within two weeks of treatment with Remdesivir. however, this study was not a placebo-controlled study, making it difficult to interpret the results objectively. Another study in China with the smaller patient group on April 29, 2020 concluded that “That drug does not show any benefit when compared to placebo.” however, as the outbreak in China subsided, this research was stopped prematurely because of difficulty in finding participants. anyone can access this research article by clicking the link.

The description of Stephen Griffin, a virologist from the University of Leeds, England, outlines the situation from my point of view. “We have a lot of focus on Remdesivir because we don’t have any other alternative potentially”

Of course, the rapidly flowing, contradictory information about Remdesivir stunned people in the past few weeks. Let’s listen to a scientist who made the most logical explanation to the discussions about Remdesivir and put the point that should be put in my opinion: “The scientists named Geoffrey Porges, who is a biotechnology analyst in the USA, say:” All of the studies without placebo control make me very angry. 50% of patients given Remdesivir. The data that 60 of them were discharged from the hospital can be reassuring, but it is not possible to understand the benefit of the drug because there is no placebo control in the researches, since the rate of people who get this disease and recover spontaneously is above 70%. We have no clear findings! ”

The research results of Niaid, the Usa institution, created a new hope for Remdesivir. however, Niaid did not publish detailed security data regarding the investigation. remdesvir related “this is it! drug found!” Neither the USA nor China nor any other country has the slightest data we can say. A research done in china did not find a significant difference between Remdesivir and placebo. 12% of people taking Remdesivir left the study compared to 5% of subjects in placebo due to side effects, including nausea and cardiopulmonary insufficiency.

Instead of making famous prod errors such as launching vaccines as the savior of the unfinished production and safety process and forcing the world to close until the news of this vaccine comes, let’s make the following assessment: “Remdesivir is definitely not the miraculous drug everyone is looking for, but this drug, If it can prevent some patients from getting seriously ill, or if a group of patients with severe course can recover in this way, it can be pleasing. ”

Another Studies About Remdesivir

Another study on Remdesivir was published in February. The working principle of Remdesivir can be briefly explained by its utility by softening an enzyme used by some viruses, including sars-cov-2, to reproduce. researchers observed that the drug reduces viral infection in human cells grown in a laboratory.

The interesting point is that the manufacturer of the drug, Gilead, did not expect the usa authority, Niaid, to evaluate, and then began to increase the production of Remdesivir after the laboratory research result from China. They cannot do this without a guarantee given to them. In February, they decided to launch an experimental drug that you have not researched and guaranteed its safety and effectiveness, even though it has not been adequately tested, as a savior to humanity. increased production in February. and already, 1 million people who did not use Remdesivir defeated the disease and discharged and headed home.

As of now, the manufacturer of the drug, Gilead, has produced Remdesivir in an amount that can be used on about 1 million people. they continue to rapidly produce enough drugs for the use of about 50 million people. It corresponds to a market volume of nearly 500 billion dollars. nevertheless, the most comprehensive study shows that the number of patients recovering using Remdesivir is only 5% more than patients who recovered with placebo, assuming they are using Remdesivir.

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