How to prevent Coronavirus?

coronavirus prevention
coronavirus prevention

How can precautions be taken to prevent coronavirus?

The most basic measure to reduce the spread of coronavirus or to prevent infection is to follow basic hygiene rules. The most important of these is washing hands. Enveloped viruses are not resistant to washing with soap and disinfecting with alcohol. Therefore, the spread of this virus will be slower in societies that have a habit of washing hands and pay attention to general hygiene rules.

coronavirus_washing hands
Coronavirus washing hands-using tissue


Apart from this, the things to be done can be listed as follows:

People with suspected disease should not be approached, unnecessary contact should not be made.

    • When sneezing or coughing, the mouth should definitely be closed inside the arm or a handkerchief should be used.
    • Some doctors; It states that people in the risk group should get a pneumonia vaccine. Vaccine is an important measure, despite the possibility of pneumonia with secondary infections, especially after viruses that affect these lower respiratory tract.
    • When you need to travel, it is important to investigate the extent of coronavirus outbreaks of the country you are visiting from sources such as CDC or WHO.
  • The World Health Organization reports that those who do not feel well should avoid crowded places, and those who have coughs, fever and respiratory distress should seek medical help as soon as possible. When you apply to health institutions with such complaints, especially the correct transfer of your travel history is important both for preventing the spread of the virus and for diagnosis.
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